Design what. That depends on the client. The client can be a direct client buying one of our products or services from us that is or has used our modeling and design tools to get there. it can also be that client who is looking for help in making sure that a product can be produced with a given process. It can be as simple as "Hey I have this idea and want to see where it can go". Design can be helping a sign company get the text and cutting set up for that client that wants it just so. The most important thing in design is helping the client be able to create and to do so where the creation can be fully realized.
As such design tends to have a process that we work with the client or even when we are doing an in house project for a product or production run. It is by going through these steps that we can insure IP rights to the client (we take NDA's very seriously) and that an end product can actually be produced in a way that meets the clients requirements. Feed back and serious work on prototyping aid that. Please if you have interest in having us aid you in project design or help with that next step to production drop an email or call. That information is on our about us page.