Our in house services for CNC and 3D modeling as well as 3D printing (Currently FFD/FFF) allows us to direct produce products for our clients and help them save cost. We also use these tools ourselves for products that we prodice directly for sale. We check all model to insure that they are able to be machined or printed and what tooling or support structure will be needed to insure the best out come for the project.

Client that we establish a longer term working relationship with have the advantage of us keeping a full profile of their tooling and machine set up which allows us to insure the best in finished product as well as shortest machining time for an itemusing the tools available. This also reduces the need of our clients to maintain the latest in CAM and CAD software to best results.

Currently we can work with .stl, .stp/.step, DWG/DXF, IGES, .SAB, .SAT, .3DS, 2016 SketchUp, Rhino 3DM, and many more. These allow to work with different clients using different software while maintaining a finished prodcut both in modeling and print sheet output that will allow quick and effecient use of resources.

Coupled with our in house library of parts and models as well as partner libraries we are able to quickly and effectively aid clinets in solving issues with a design. Coupled with our lower over head we are able to offer very competitive hourly rates while not scarficing quality or finished product. Our in house BOM and cost evaluation software will also help clients look at different options in both protyping and/or production costs. Updating this as the project is developed can often save time and money later when complexity requires looking at limited options