We are a family owned and run company working in the CNC, 3D printing, modeling and consulting areas.Welcome to our web site. Below and on their pages you will find what resources we bring to the table for our clients. If you have any questions please check either the about us to be able to email us your questions.


Design area is exactly that. Working with partner business's or clients we use standard CAD file formats (please see this page for supported formats). To create for either our own production or clients work. We also test our designs for water tightness and machine ability depending on client needs and can generate g-code for various CNC machines and 3D printer software.


Having the experience of small firm start up and the costing of CNC and 3D printing set up and tooling. There is costs and expenses that need to be taken into account which are not often realized. We help small companies way out the costs versus value and realistic return on investment.

CNC & 3D Printing

We support both in house and out sourcing with partners on CNC and 3d printing work for clients. As part of the CNC and 3D printing area we also can check models to see if they can be machined and/or what tooling is need to get the finish a client wants. This with being able to check surfaces for water tight and ready for slicing in a 3d printer can help in knowing what types of time and cost a client is looking at for a project.


See what projects we are working on for products and any reviews we might or refer folks to. Also any industry news that we see that should be of interest to our clients.


More a weekly item of what is going on in the shop. This is also where any video we do will by linked from.


product List and what is in stock at present.These vary widely from our musical instrument parts to parts to other projects that are in house spin offs for clients or our own production. Also here you will find links to our partner web site that has models that can be used to help create finished products for clients (thereby saving you some cost in the design and set up phase of a project)